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Thread: Game Client Issues - Day 24 and Counting

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    Exclamation Game Client Issues - Day 24 and Counting

    Like many other Android users I've been dealing with these battle reporting issues since the major client update we received on 18 April. At first we were told that the devs would be releasing a hotfix to correct the issue...and as it turned out they had several, releasing one or more a day for about a week after this started, none of which corrected the issue. Later (on 28 April) we were told that the issues were because Android users were using an incompatible version of the client and that it would be fixed as soon as you updated the servers to the version the client was intended to work with...and you couldn't update the servers yet because iTunes hadn't approved the version of the client for IOS that would work with the updated servers (which many Android users will take to mean that IOS users are more important to you). On 10 May you report that iTunes had approved the new client and you should be updating the servers in the next day or 2. On 11 May the updated client is released to IOS users and many of them begin to report the same issues Android users have been seeing since we received our update on 18 April. To my knowledge everyone is in a broken state right now and the servers have yet to be updated (I'm at least still affected by the issue anyway).

    This leaves me with 2 main (game related) concerns:
    1. Where do we go next should this not resolve the issue?
    2. How do you plan to prevent this from recurring?

    While you can make the first question moot by quickly resolving the problem the second needs an answer. At a minimum we need to know that you know there is a problem and what that problem is. We deserve an answer.

    Thank you,


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    Dear Leader
    Sorry for the inconvenience. It is caused by the incompatibility between our latest android game client versions and our server version. We have had to wait for iTunes to approve our iOS game client version before we can release our latest server version to fix the problem. And since iTunes has approved our iOS game client a couple of days ago. We are forcing some older Android game clients automatically update to the latest version, the incompatible android version, before we can release our latest server version. So some android users started encountering this problem these two days, while players with newer version already have the problem for about a month. Our developer said that it may take another 1 or 2 days before we can update the latest server to public servers. We will prevent such a mess from happening again in future. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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