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Thread: Staking feature in Arena!

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    Staking feature in Arena!

    Hey all!

    So i had a neat idea and i think there was another thread about this but not as elaborate... The concept of staking something in the arena/grand arena...

    For example i think it would be neat if you can stake coins that you have earned in grand arena or arena...
    So here let me break it down further: Lets take grand arena for example.

    All the mechanics would stay the same. however you can now add a stake on the your defensive setup. So players can either fight u simply for rank or fight u for rank and the stake. If they fight for rank everything stays the same. But if they fight you for stake, they can only stake the limit that you have set on ur defensive team. So lets say i set up my 3 defensive teams and for the stake of the match i do 100 coins. If the winner wins 2/3 battles they win the entire match. ultimately giving them 200 coins (100 coins i stake and 100 coins they staked.). Now there would have to some rules and conditions so people don't go completely broke in arena coins while they aren't on and getting attacked and vice versa. With the 5 battles a day (not including reset) i think this could work just fine. However if your (defensive) team loses lets say 3 times in a row your stake is put back to 0 until you go back and set it to whatever it is you want (this way you aren't getting attacked and losing everything overnight). Additionally lets say you have 150 coins and you stake 100 and you lose the match, then your stake in which you have set your stake amount is set back to 0.

    So this is how it works: if you are attacking or looking for a fight you are presented with 3 potential fights as usual all of which will give you the option to fight for rank or rank+stake. each of the potential fights will have a stake amount set by that user. Additionally you set the stake amount you are willing to stake on your defensive team for when you get attacked. If your defensive team loses 3 times in a row your stake is set to 0 until you set it back to whatever you want (that way you don't go broke overnight). Also on the offensive since you have 5 battles regardless of reset and there is a cool down time it is impossible to take advantage of the system. Lastly if you have insufficient coins that you have set to stake you're stake limit goes back to 0.

    Last thing i think would be neat is you can stake items that are > or = to the value that is set for stake. So lets say i search for a battle and i see a stake for 1000 coins I could have the option to stake an item that is equivalent or more than that many coins.

    When i say coins I mean the currency used within the grand arena or arena shop (obviously both vary in terms of how the currency is obtained).

    Now with the concept of staking items.... They would need to fix up the shop with the ability to trade in items for coins as well... so some people don't get screwed with items they don't want.

    Anyways this is just a thought that i figured would be really cool and I think it could work. Let me know your thoughts!

    (I doubt this will ever be implemented considering we still don't have 1.9 patch, the company being sued, having developers who can only copy and not code, and my sheer lack of faith that any of the developers really care about any of the feedback we give them... If any one of these issues gets fixed then I may have hope).

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    guess what ucool is doing in the suggestions forum

    lel crap loot in hard crusade lel

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