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Thread: No cards in bronze chest.

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    No cards in bronze chest.

    Server: 99 kil rai
    Name: XCDRS
    Id: 14898982
    Device: LG, dont know exact model.
    Estimated time of problem: today.
    Problem: Today i was to be busy. Then i made the choice to spend my crusade obtained money in bronze chests. I will say that i used to recieve 1 or 2 cards by in 2 or 3 10X Drops, but today something weird happened. There was not even a single card, just 1-3 stones by drop. I have no VIP and i dont pretend to recieve nothing, just want to complain and say... please fix the chest!

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    Dear leader

    You can buy gold chest, and you can at least gain one hero card, but you can gain items from bronze chest. And the drop rate of card from bronze box is lower than gold one.

    Best Regards


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