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Thread: [SERVER 67] Join Spartans! GUILD ID 110098740

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    Cool [SERVER 67] Join Spartans! GUILD ID 110098740

    Hello welcome to my thread, guild leader here. Going to make this short and simple. We're a fun active guild that's growing very fast and stronger by the day. Come help us in raids. You will benefit from this Guild with advice from any of our smart high level in players including myself. Have many players over the level 70 and plus. I'm a 77. We're truly growing quickly so come join us. Don't believe me on any of what I just said? Then come check us out and see for yourself GUILD ID 110097740

    También hablo español entonces vente a mi gremio ahora! Germio ID 110098740

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    Los miembros de tu gremio son activos yo soy muy activo soy lv 90

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