I decided to start writing a story that people can continue writing, as a game. I do it because i really like to write and i think that it can be fun.

I will add some rules to this writing-based game.
1- locations and objects should be from HC. But remember that we dont want an exact copy of the game´s story (if there´s some). Also, some Original Characters are allowed for secondary roles as i example in my first part.
2- the complete story should not get nonesense, but it should be fun to read.
3- some forum users (me included) does not speak english naturally, but please, if that is your case, do some efforts to make your part understandable (do not use google translator at all)
4- if you want to comment previous parts, align your comment to the right so people who wants to keep reading understand that it is not part of the story.
5- new additions to the story should get 50+ words.
6- respect the writing format i am using on the first part.

It was fall in the ancient city of Jachin. People in there used to think there will be peace forever. In the palace, The King calls his daughters.
- Loreth, Mala, come here, please.
- We are here, father. ¿What do you need?
- I am blinding, and i am thinkning that i will not live that long as i want. Also, i am afraid for our neighbors, the Nedan, their race is extremely unpredictible and their diplomatics are going away from the town.
- ¿What are you talking about, father? Ancients says that this peace should last forever.