Please fix my game time. I am from Turkey. Its GMT:+3 but my game time GMT:-4 . TIME is coming 7 hours early. And i lose stamina helps. 2x60 120 stamina i lose everyday. Please help me and fix this. I paid money this game and i will give monthly.
Please i am waiting your help. Thanks

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UTC Time: 20 Apr 2015 17:23:13 GMT
Game: Heroes Charge
App Version: 1.8.5
Obb Version: 54
PlayerID: 16488449
ServerID: 109
PlayerName: BreW
Category: Feedback
Device Type: SM-N900 - ha3g - samsung
OS Version: KOT49H.N900UBUENH1 SDK 19
Resolution: 1920x1080, DPI: 480, Density: 3,00