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Thread: how to link device ios to ios without transferring apple id?

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    how to link device ios to ios without transferring apple id?

    dear admin, please help me i want to transfer my game data to another ios device from ios device but i don't want to put my old apple id to the new device, cause the id in the new device already has some data in the device and i don't want to switch id just for playing HC and switch again when i want to play other game. so admin please help. thanks
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    Dear Leader
    You can login Game Center and run the game once to link your account to Game Center on your old device. And then login Game Center on your new device before the first time you run Heroes Charge. And you will be able to login your game account on your new device. Thanks.

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    You know, I used to have problems with iCloud not saving my photos as well. As a result, a huge amount of my personal photos were deleted on my Mac. Thankfully, helped me with their restoration. I was able to use their software to bring all those photos back and now I'm backing them up regularly.

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