Game: Heroes Charge HD
App Version: 1.7.7
Obb Version: 49
PlayerID: 17237461
ServerID: 114
PlayerName: Trap Lordz
Category: Game Play
Device Type: SPH-L600 - meliusltespr - samsung
OS Version: KOT49H.L600VPUBNJ1 SDK 19
Resolution: 1280x720, DPI: 240, Density: 1.50
I am team level 43 and I started with 1482 team exp for day and i did 37 raids , @6 team exp each, which equals to 218 team exp but I only recieved 24 exp after I did the raids which is not right. I spend 100 gems for 240 activity points just to make it to level 44 and I was cheated by your system of math. I love playing this game but if you all have to down right cheat, I would like a refund of the money I have spent on your game. I would appreciate your swift resolve in this matter as I am losing ranking in the pvp arena because your system has a glitch. In addition to that problem, I emailed you all yesterday about the glitch in the pvp arena rewards system in which I was not and still not receiving as of yesterday. Thank you again for your quick response in this matter.