NEW GLITCH. you can now take throne without being close. no longer do you need to port next to throne to be the the person that can attack it the fastest. from what i been told just overstuff your HOW and send troops log off and wait 3 days till bubble pops then log back on and poof you attack instantly. both the over stuffing glitch and the time glitch need fixed ASAP. would be nice to see the MODS do something to stop the cheaters and not help them by lowering the air defenses in thier cities and fixing the lantern glitch that was used to destroy them so they had a harder time cheating. yes speaking of Isner or as now known as meatcutter. he played you all and yet you still do nothing to stop his cheating. Meso is his other acct dont you guys think that you should shut a cheater down not reward them and help them or is this game gonna be like age 1 and 2 where cheating is fine and ignored untill the game is so bad that people quit because of the cheating