well the losers or cheaters what ever you want to call them have found away to hit throne with overstuffed HOWs and now they can do it from a distance and get there faster than the people right next to it. really sad that Evony will help the player downgrade air defense so they couldnt be hit using the lantern glitch but wont help those that are being beaten by the same player using overstuffed HOW glitch and now using some kind of time glitch. Seems evony got played by a cheater. many tickets have been sent on this cheater wonder why evony still allows him to play them for fools. guess evony is saying if you want our help then you need to cheat and we will help you and protect you. i would be ashamed to be employed by a company that says we wont put up with cheaters and are here to stop them and make game better and then do exactly the opposite. yes this is all about Meso or Meatcutter on realm 7 both the same player