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Thread: PVE related boost(maybe allow in pvp?)

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    PVE related boost(maybe allow in pvp?)

    I was just of something similar to the soul attunement in the mmorpg "Rift"

    Basically you have these little boost after level cap like 1 strength 1 agility 1 armor and 1 big boost every now. I think they have like 1000 or 2000 of these levels so when players hit level cap they have something to still level that doesn't make a huge difference.

    We can do the same with bug boost like
    +1 str/agi/int etc
    +X% raid/portal/trial/time rift damage
    +X time added to raid/portal clock
    +X% magic/physical/holy damage increase
    Reduce magic/physical damage by x%

    For those whom think their team experience is going to waste and still want to level something.

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    Seen things like this on games like Brave trial . It was pretty cool and made the real difference , when all hit the level cap .

    I hope your feature comes in 2.0 / 2.1 , but I doubt
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