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Thread: Forest Guardian

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    Quote Originally Posted by glitteringlust View Post
    Another m0rTr3d was coming
    haha you made me laugh with your reply

    well said
    TOXIC360 S21

    hi to all Pinoy HC players out there



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    I think he will work well with IH-FM and two casters as well in a VW-EB-Sil

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    He does good damage but dies almost instantly and yes this is due to the 1 star.
    I have him at 77 p+2 with all skills at max. If he doesn't get hit he is nice and he has high HP for being just 1 star so when he reaches 4 stars he might actually be pretty good. He will not "ZOMG OVERPOWERED" but I can see him if lucky being the game changer is certain specific areas.

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    I have him lvl 82 P4 and I'm proud to carry the torch for him on my server. I love this hero. I started using him for giggles at 3* and got a shock that he could do more DPS than any of my other mages. No one has the right to trash him yet. In GA I wouldn't be successful attacking without him. There are tons of heroes I don't have that would synergize with him such as VW as most people already realize. Yes, he really does DPS. If you want a DPS mage, he's the fireworks show you're looking for, but be prepared for a lot of disappointing failures due to his squishyness. 4* impression in a nutshell is High dmg, dies easy, cool stun, continues pulses when petrified or sleeping, fun to use.

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