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Thread: Design Your Own Heroes

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    Hero Name: Tsuchigumo - Agility Based Middle Line DPS

    Hero Title: dirt spider

    Hero Skills
    Ultimate: Take the farthest enemy to infront of Tsuchigumo, and stun him for a while.
    Green Skill: Summon spiders around him. spiders attack have venom damage.
    Blue Skill: Grab an enemy by web and make him unable to moving. Enemy get more damage by physical attack.
    Purple Skill: Giving the whole team venom on their basic attack(passive)

    Hero Background Lore : There is some debate on whether the mythical spider-creature or the historical clans came first. One theory is based on the knowledge that beginning with the earliest historical records, those who waged war against the imperial court were referred to as oni by the imperial court, both in scorn and as a way to demonize enemies of the court by literally referring to them as demons. Tsuchigumo may have been a pre-existing but obscure myth picked as the term of choice for a more humble threat to the empire, after which it was popularized. Alternately, the word tsuchigumo has been identified a derivation of an older derogatory term, tsuchigomori (土隠), which roughly translates as "those who hide in the ground". This term refers to a common practice among many of the rural clans: utilizing existing cave systems and creating fortified hollow earthen mounds for both residential and military purposes.This implies that the use of the name for renegade clans began essentially as a pun, and over time tales surrounding a literal race of intelligent, occasionally anthropomorphic, spiders grew from this historical usage, first as allegory, then as myth.

    Art Reference Link:

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    Question Vanquisher

    Hero Name: Vanquisher - Front Line, Agility Hero

    Hero Title: Stealth Assassin

    Hero Skills:

    Ultimate: Bounty

    At full energy, Vanquisher will mark his current target for bounty. If the enemy is killed within 15 seconds, all teammates share the bounty - provided [X] amount of Energy to each teammate.

    Green Skill: Invisability (Passive)

    From the beginning of battle, Vanquisher is hidden within the shadows and is undetectable until he/she first strikes. (The higher the level, the less likely the enemy team is unable to detect you. Will definitely hide you from enemies of level equal to skill level). While invisiable Vanquisher moves at 60% speed.

    Blue Skill: First Strike

    Vanquisher marks the enemy with the lowest hp pool for death. The first strike from stealth will increase damage by 340% + [X] (Scales with level).

    Purple Skill: Hasted Prep

    Through training, Vanquisher gains great haste to help him/her move into place for his/her First Strike. Vanquisher gains [X%] haste regardless if invisible or not.

    Legendary Skill: Second Wind

    When Vanquisher is close to death, 5% or less he/she has a small chance to return to his/her invisible state regenerating 3% of hp every second for 7 seconds or until he/she executes another strike (blue skill). This chance rate begins at very low %, capping out around 25%

    Hero Background Lore: This can be whatever uCool wants.

    Art Reference Link: Nothing in particular, typical ninja/assassin look
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    ■ Hero Name
    - Copycat Guardian

    ■ Hero Title
    - A Guardian for all Ages

    ■ Hero Location
    - Center

    ■ 4 Hero Skills
    - Ultimate: Arcane Mimicry
    * After specific use to take turns imitating the enemy's ultimate skills.

    - Green Skill: Charging Shield
    * Protect ally further forward in the future. At this point, if ever closer suffer damage.

    - Blue Skill: Burning Shield
    * Back retreat and protects the back ally. At this point, if ever closer suffer damage.

    - Purple Skill: Blood charge (passive skill)
    * Gives up the maximum HP of allies.

    - Legendary skill: Mimicry Signet (passive skill)
    * Standing one people died and transfer to the Ultimate Skill of his allies..

    ■ Hero Background Lore
    - Patron to defend the world from ancient times has the mysterious ability to learn on their own and to fight the enemy once the technology.
    The guardian is responsible for the protection of the allies in the battle , is to follow the enemy deadly skills in the moment of crisis
    iphigeona great damage to the enemy to protect your allies.

    ■ Art Reference Link (If any, do not use images you do not hold copyright or rights to.)
    - Image reference

    ■ Your Player ID Number
    - 4273983

    ■ Server Number
    - 24 Ice Mage

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    Hero Name: Nimra
    Hero Title: Lost Ronin
    Hero Background Lore: A samurai who falls after his own pride and greed, finally found what the real reason behind his sword. Because he used to pride of himself, he usually deals enemy by himself regardless the amount. He wait on backline until the enemy dare to approach him.

    Hero Skills:
    • US - Ancestry of The Moon, Nimra breaks through shadow of the moon and quickly exposed strongest enemy and cut him down on the bless of moon. [Deals massive physical damage. If Nimra killed an enemy, he left a katana mark on the enemy's graveyard]
    • GS - Memory of The Sun, Nimra has a chance to dashing through battlefield to the katana mark he left and increase his attack speed for 3 seconds. [Chance increase with level skill]
    • BS - Dancing Hell, After countless battles, Nimra gains an experience by being attacked. He releases a quick counterattack with additional 3 seconds attack speed regardless enemy position. [Deals medium damage, chance increase with level]
    • PS - Blooming Petal, By focusing his breath, Nimra gains an ability to maintain his senses to the highest state. [Additional maximum life points]
    • LS - True Sight, After losing his master, Nimra manages to overcome his fear with swordsmanship and meditation. He inspires other ronin to follow his way. [Increase accuracy for swordsman class]

    Art reference link: Gamaran-1587458.jpg Basically, any SUPER ULTRA BADASS samurai-style design is fine for me

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    Hero Name : Seek Sword - Mid Line Strength

    Hero Title : Thunder guardian of Ancient Tample - Swordmanship

    US : Edged Blur - jump to enemy's middle line and conjure shadow image of Seek Sword for 6 second and every 2 second the shadow will attack nearby enemy - Element : Lightning

    GS : Heartseeker - Launch a projection of your weapon at a distant foe, deal magic damage and entangle enemy - Element : Lightning

    BS : Desarmer - Leap up and execute a crashing sweep of your weapon, disarm enemy - Element : none

    PS : Last Stand - Heal 40% of health when health poin bellow 30% by consuming all energy (just 1 times per battle)

    Art Reference : dont have (Man with ancient armor and Greatsword filled with thunder)

    Player ID : 6262582

    Server : 44 - Malak

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    Hero Name:Twin (middle line mage/intelect hero)
    Hero Title: Icy Twin

    Hero Skills:
    US: Ice Transform: Arisnow sinks into the ground and equip herself with Ice armour (golem look alike) on the front line of battle field. (Golem rises from the ground throwing enemys frontline hero into the air causing stun and area damage upon landing <-this is optional). If golem armour gets destroyed by fire it unleashes water wave pushing enemys and allys back, allys get healed and enemys damaged. (arisnow return to original form after armor gets destroyed) (ice type skill)
    GS: Icicle throw: Arisnow casts an incycle to hit enemys front hero, damaging and slowing him down. (ice type skill)
    BS: Ice cocoon: Arisnow casts ice shield to protect lowest hp, the cocoon freezes an ally hero disableing him from the battle field and slowly regenerating him untill full hp or until cocoon breaks from inceoming dmg, the cocoon can absorb X damage. (ice type skill)
    PS: Calm mind: Arisnow focus on battlefield increases her own intelect.
    LS: God of Ice: All Ice type skills get increased dmg by X%

    Hero Background Lore: One of the Elemental Twin sisters (Since we have elementals in Ancient Temple it makes total sense)

    Art Reference Link: female, fairylike with Ice theme

    Player ID: 11685682
    Server Number: 78 Korrick

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    Hero name: Nuvok

    Hero Title: Tomb Guardian

    Ultimate: Ancient kings rath– Nuvok calls forth his king of old to rain down divine light on his opponents. Damage dealt is holy damage.

    Green skill: Queens light – Nuvok shoots a ray of light blessed by the ancient queens that damage opponents and blinds them reducing their attack accuracy. Will hit opponents of same lv and lower

    Blue Skill: Staff of light throw – Nuvok throws his staff dealing damage to all opponents in front of him. Staff returns to his hand after throw.

    Purple Skill: Eternal rest – Locks up the hero with the lowest HP in a tomb making him unable to attack for a period of time. Hero in a tomb takes no damage from other attacks. Will hit opponents of same lv and lower

    Legendary Skill: Resurection – Nuvok uses his powers to resurrect the first hero of your team that dies with a % of his life restored. This can happen only once during a fight.

    Hero Background Lore: Nuvok is the aincents guardian, he is the protector of the tombs and none shall disturb the eternal rest of his kings and queens of old. This is his calling, this is his life.

    Art Reference Link: A man in golden armor with the ancient kings and queens crests with a red cape. Armed with the staff of light that only the tomb guardian may wield.

    Player id number: 5485670

    Server Id number: 38

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    Hero Name: Yeti - STR Based Front Line TANKER

    Hero Title: Snow Guardian

    Hero Skills:

    Ultimate: Avalanche
    Summons a massive Snow Wave that knocks up, slows, and damages enemies.

    Green Skill: Snow Ball
    Yeti launches a ball of ice at an enemy unit, dealing damage and temporarily slowing their Movement and Attack Speeds.

    Blue Skill: Blood Boil
    Yeti invigorates himself and an allied unit by heating their blood, increasing their Movement and Attack Speeds.

    Purple Skill: Consume
    Yeti take a bite out of a target summon or illusion, dealing heavy damage to it and healing himself.

    Legendary skill: Frost Presence
    Increase all Frost spells damage.

    Hero Background Lore:
    Yeti is a legendary creature from the snow island, no one never seen one since today...

    Your Player ID: Natsu

    Server Number: 90


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    Hero Name: Lycan

    Hero Title: Warewolf

    Hero Skills:
    Summon Wolves
    Summon 2 spirit Wolves to fight the Lycan’s enemies

    An eerie loud howl grants an inner strength to all player

    Increase attack damage and speed of the lycan and his team

    A full moon curdles the blood of the lycan. He transforms into a wolf with critical strike and increase attack speed. This gives him and his team the ability to move at a constant maximum speed and cannot be stop.

    Hero Background Lore: Warewolf

    ID Player: 5499126

    Server Number: 38

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    Hero Name: Dr. Willow

    Hero Title: Twisted Alchemist

    Hero Skills
    US: Mass Confusion - Switch Places of one enemy tank with one back enemy hero randomly.
    GS: Concentration - Swaps the attributes of the strongest enemy hero(randomly);
    BS: Potion Stag - throw a potion on one friendly melee weapon giving that hero extra damage on next attack.
    PS: Dead Soil - Passive - Makes the ground under all friendly heroes deadly-poisoned- giving your friendly heroes extra agility.

    Central line hero.

    Art Reference Link: Skeleton zombie, with a poisoned dagger and a potion.
    Your Player ID: 9689351

    Server Number: Talenta 62

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    Hero Name Cactuar
    Hero Title Desert Defender
    4 Hero Skills
    US:100 Needle Hit enemies with 100 needle
    GS:Windgility every hit recieved give agility to party for 5 sec
    BS:because live in desert if hit with fire give more strength but if hit by water decrease strength.
    PS:Hit with Poison needle. give enemy dot damage
    Hero Background Lore
    Art Reference Link (If any, do not use images you do not hold copyright or rights to.)
    Your Player ID Number 5095049
    Server Number 35

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    Hero name: Angela
    Hero Title: Fate of Death

    A mystic spirit caller, that locks the enemy in their lines and prevent them coming nearby.

    US: Call of the bad - Angela calls in an ancient spirit that blocks the enemy in their lines for a while and causes all enemy team to lose the half of magic resistance.

    GS: Blind Eye - FoD can block the chakra of the enemy team and prevents them getting the support SP of their damages.

    BS: Shooter - FoD throws her boomerang to an enemy and deals a huge physical damage.

    PS: Martial Soul - FoD launches an attack with her bad spirits and deals some magic damage, while increasing the magic defence of her own team.

    Art reference: kinda FM or DM maybe
    s66, [we] Hartley
    account ID: 10119352

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    Hero Name: Griffin
    Hero Title: Lord of the Skies
    4 Hero Skills:
    US: Talon Fury- Swoops onto a back line hero and does big damage and causes target to "bleed" doing damage over time
    GS: Beak Strike- Pecks the weakest hero on enemy team. If lands killing blow launches Talon Fury
    PS: Dash- Increases Griffins Dodge skills
    LS: Sonic Scream- Shocks enemies nearby stunning them for .5 seconds
    Hero Background Lore: Tracking down and killing anyone who comes close to the treasure she is protecting
    Art Reference Link Something like a griffin.
    Your Player ID Number 10500407
    Server Number 69

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    Hero Name: Robo - Reez
    Hero Title : The Defensive Robot

    Ultimats skill : Robo Shield = Cast a robotic shield to all alllies to absorb any damages for X amount damages. Each allies will also regain X amount HP except him.

    Green skill : Missile Drop = Launch missiles to every enemy's unit and stun the targets.

    Blue skill : Laser Strike = Shoot lasers that lowered enemy's accuracy.

    Purple : Charged = All allies regain extra energy over time.Their intellect also increase.

    Hero background lore : A gigantic robot that is built from strongest metals who sworn to protect all his allies.

    Art Reference : A gigantic robot with laser and missile equip on his body.

    Player ID : 2998023
    Server : 17

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    Name : Torvir
    Title : Head Hunter

    Ranged middle line physical attack, use a bow.

    Ultimate Skill: Mark for Death: Mark the lowest hp enemy hero for death increasing all damage taken by a fixed amount that increases with skill level. All friendly ranged heroes will attack marked target. If enemy die within 5 sec Torvir receive an energy boost. Torvir can not be tricked into marking a clone or illusion.

    Green Skill: Death from above: Torvir leap into the air and fire a head shot at the enemy with the lowest hp. Deal bonus damage if the enemy is below 30% health.

    Blue Skill: Piercing Arrow: A powerful shot that pierce through all enemies.

    Purple Skill: Deadly Pain: Passive: All Torvir Skills have a 33% chance to cause deadly pain that blind the enemy for 1 sec and interrupt what they ware doing. Also increase damage by a fixed amount that increase with level.

    Legendary Skill: Shadow Step: Torvir steps into the shadow and become invisible for a short duration. Attacking from the shadows give Torvir increased critical chance.

    Jungle like hunter, his armor is decorated with heads and skulls from his prey.
    General head hunter are a one man party but when forced into a party they are no shy. They can quickly analyses the battlefield and point out the best target to take out first.
    Torvir was once the best head hunter of his clan but his brother tricked him and shamed him so he could take Torvir place. Torvir was outcast from his own people and now he wander with only one objective, to hone his skills to perfection.

    Torvir have high single target damage but low hit points and hi is specialized in taking enemy down one by one. His purple skill give the party crowd control support but it's randomness should keep it from being to powerful. Being middle line hero with low hp, he need a strong tank to protect him.

    I see a lot of aoe party and single target heroes aren't used much. A hero that can make other single target heroes more viable would give more alternative to the game.

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    Server : 74 Saif

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