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Thread: I need your support

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    I need your support

    I played for five months

    Purple equipment to reduce the chances of you inside the bronze box

    Legendary Quests: When reaching level 90 and being promoted to Orange, heroes will be transformed into Legendary ones by completing Legendary Quests.

    A Legendary hero will have a new Legendary skill and fancy visual effects.


    My beautiful captain

    Where are u?

    Dot be a liar

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    So..what do you want to tell us? That there is no new portrait? You think you are the first one to realise that?
    Where did they tell you that you will get a new portrait? They only talked about new fancy effects. If you want to say so, that's a matter of perpective. I don't think it's very fancy to simply put a "L" on the emblem, but they seem to.
    for the watch!

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    Well, we all disappointed with legendary appearance, but i'm still hoping that in next patch UCool will atleast give new skin for admiral,

    her clothes so ugly and doesn't fit with legendary title

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