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Thread: VW to 5* or Soul coins?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beernuts44 View Post
    I just started the VW and EB team build. I am excited even though everyone in my guild is not loving my decision.
    Lol don't listen to them, be different. Trust me, investing in VW will never seem as a bad choice to you when you'll look back at your decisions in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avatar View Post
    That's because its terrible. Absolutely do not put it as your defensive arena team or on a level of GA that can be seen as it will get completely wrecked every time. It is good for offense against the right team though.
    I have my VW team as my 2nd GA team and im always ranked 1-3 on my server. Havent seen rank 4 for ages now

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