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Thread: Team building advice.

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    Lightbulb Team building advice.

    Just looking for some team building advice.

    This is my current hero choices as of now


    How and for what would you make your teams and why?

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    You can do what I did and go Phoenix, commando, old curse, Mystic +Tank (Warchief when you get him). Kept me around the 100 rank in area despite being a few levels below the top pack.

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    ^ Pretty much what he said. You're going to want to work on Commando, Mystic and Phoenix from the crusade. With your Arena points you could either upgrade Old Curse or start farming for Panda (I recommend Panda, he's a God). You'll need a good tank to do anything later in the game, having a 4 or 5 star Panda will ensure you have an amazing front line.
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