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    Trade items?

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    Hola, yo quería sugerir algún cofre o lugar en el juego donde se pueda colocar objetos que ya nosotros no usamos y otros del gremio puedan darle uso . O mandar el objeto por correo a un usuario. O tal vez un mercado para cambiar objetos con otros usuarios ya sea con oro, gemas o por objetos que ya no necesitamos.

    Hi, I want to suggest some chest or place in the game where you can place objects and we do not use and other guild can give use. Or send the item by mail to a user. Or maybe a market to change objects with other users either with gold, gems or items you no longer need.

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    Good idea

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    bad idea imo.
    no power to explain why
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    Yep. Good idea, we need some kind of trade market where members guild their can sell items to another members, because the drop items rate is so poor.
    For i.e. I did 50 raids to get fragments and only dropped 5/50. If 3 heroes need this item, how much I have to spend?
    Then, old members guild that their almost reach cap server level, can help others members with items.

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    People who are level cap will never help lower members they will just gear other heroes not in their game like portal heroes. that's what I would do at least. And after that their is 3 new heroes a month at least so you always have something to use gear on.

    I don't want to see any trade systems added. It will allow hackers to hack with one account and give items to other players who didn't and might lead to your account banned it happened to me on a MMO

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