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Thread: level 100 rumored to be soon time to call it quits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChiLLon View Post
    I merely answered a question, I fully understand that they want more money. It is greedy and wrong towards their customers, but I understand it.

    Levels have a huge effect though, you are so wrong. Levels impact crits for example, if you are fighting a lower level team you will crit a lot more and the lower level team will crit a lot less.
    Plus disables have 100% chance is equal or lower level. If the target is higher level less chance. If they make level 100 of course o+1/2 will be out they won't just increase levels so we have that to worry about also being 1 promotion under someone is really a huge disadvantage.

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    I've read through this whole thread, and I'm confused as to why people are complaining so much. Here are a few points:

    - ucool isn't "greedy" for wanting people to pay them. Development studios need to make money so they can continue to work on and update their products. With F2P games, this part is quite tricky, since they aren't automatically making money off users (I don't doubt that the majority of people who play this game don't pay anything). Calling them "greedy" is like calling an MMORPG developer "greedy" for asking you to pay a monthly fee. Just like with MMOs, this game requires servers, upkeep, constant updates, etc etc.

    - While I understand why people don't want "just" a raise in level cap, that's part of what these kinds of games do. While not an MMORPG in the classic sense, Heroes Charge certainly has various aspects of the genre in place, so gear and levels will always be a thing. Just as with other MMORPGs, there will be a point when some players stop playing, then maybe return when new content is added. That's totally fine. That said, I certainly agree that high level content is more important than gaining levels, but as long as the content doesn't require you to meet the new level (which will take a long time), higher caps shouldn't be a big issue. If you're a hardcore player, you'll want to reach them, if not, you won't. *shrug*

    - This is related to the above point, but people need to recognize that it's OK that there is a point when people grow tired of a game. That's completely normal, especially when it comes to mobile games. Most $60 console/PC games that I buy don't get 10% of the gameplay I've gotten out of Heroes Charge for the $100 or so I've spent on it. I won't be spending much more (if at all), but already it's been well worth it for all the time I've enjoyed playing this game with my wife and friends. If it starts getting boring towards high levels, then it's totally OK to go pick up a different game. I don't understand what people are expecting after spending hundreds of hours playing a game. Yeah, you're going to get bored, and you probably should at some point give it a rest and try something new.

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