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Thread: 65 sarra server korea guild. id 110020767

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    65 sarra server korea guild. id 110020767

    We are korea. However we want all of the world.
    actually, there is a norwayan.

    We will speed raid. Becourse get item.
    if you want to get item to gain difficulty.

    We ask you.
    1. Level 66
    2. spend 400~600 meat everyday
    3. Raid 6~8times everyday.

    Please apply for my guild. Thanks

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    Hi, I'm currently level 66 and play everyday or every second day solidly. Right now I'm only in chapter 14 so i can't raid past that. Whereabouts are you guys at? I'm looking to change guilds, and i don't pay to play just log in every day to do what i can.


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