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Thread: Legendary Quests

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    Legendary Quests

    I think its time to compile a list of all the Legendary Quests, so help if you can.

    Admiral: Part 1: Collect 60 fragments from Chapter 13 elite "Edge of the Swamp." Then craft the Special Gear and equip. (Needs rough hewn axe, icicle, and holy garment to craft)
    Part 2: Beat Dwarf Arsenal in Time Rift in level V or VI.
    Part 3: Beat Chapter 11 "Pass of Skulls" with just Admiral. (Very easy to do with a maxed Admiral)

    Just Started Psycho but what I know so far
    Psycho: Part 1: Collect 60 fragments from Chapter 13 elite "Titan's Relic." Then craft Special Gear and equip. (Needs Titan Axe, Wizard Hat, Corgieran Glaive)

    Wind Master
    Part 1: Collect 60 fragments and craft Special Gear. (Needs Wizard Hat and Emerald Pendant)
    Part 2:?
    Part 3: Complete Chapter 13 Elite "Narrow Path" Wind Master must be the one to kill the boss, Soul Hunter. She has to do the final damage to him but you can use your full team to help with the rest.
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    Thanks Et tu Brute!  9605

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    Ice Mage - Ice Mage's Staff:
    1. 60 shards of Crystal Shoes from chapter 13-3.
    Items to have: Emerald Pendant + Eternal Icicle + Ice Staff

    I'm going to add next steps.

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    psychopath legendary quest part 2 and part 3 in this video

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