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Thread: Hard Crusade Strategy & Team formations

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    I find Hard mode crusade easy @ 90 with the following set-up:


    SS you could literally put anything there and probably be ok but I like the additional safety SS gives. SiL would be a good replacement though!

    Just CC with DV/VS, Ninja ult and heal up where necessary. Nothing generally gets past my VS stare until round 12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintJohan View Post
    I'm 2 days away from getting my Assassin. Then it's rise to the top with it's skills and use Chaplain, Death Knight, Commando, Shadowleaf/Ninja and Old Curse/Silencer/Ninja
    I got my assassin and Old Curse to level 3, also got extremely lucky and won the golden ticket for Crusade: Death Mage.
    Now I win with: Mystic, Commando, Chaplain, Death Mage and Death Knight. And in the last levels I switch out chaplain and blast me to win with Phoenix and Ninja Assassin

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    I don't know how to level a Mystic anymore, not before I can afford to blow a lot of gold on bronze chests. Currently (level 64 on this server) relying on

    Deathknight + Death Mage


    Enchantress + Old Curse + Commando / Chaplain

    My best B team:

    Front: Dwarf Warrior + War Chief / Commander
    Mid: Lunar Guardian
    Back: Shadowleaf + Wind Master

    Useful fill-ins - Shadow Shaman, Phoenix, Death Bringer, Machinist

    I'm also leveling a Frost Mage to bring her magic debuff, shield and powerful ulti. Enchantress is a very odd hero, has useful skills, but they're too RNG and unreliable. Cannot count on her to endure many rounds. Only problem with Frost Mage is same as Old Curse -- in crusade you are going to run into a lot of midline damage, and they don't recover well + don't take heals well. On this server, I worked on Enchantress first just to see how she'd work.

    Everything in my main groups is at least 3* and purple +1. The only toons that ever worked well in hard crusade at 2* were Chaplain and Death Mage. If you focus your spending of points and 5* anything early, it's a real help in hard crusade.

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    enchantress will heal your fm when you use both together don't need mystic. use enchantress ulti when you run into an annoying tank so dm and fm ulti can clear the other 4 then use the tank to gain back energy.

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