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Thread: AS or FD?

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    Yes FD/AS is an good combo, but your are both right :-) I was almost unbeatable for 3-4 days without AS. Then there was a build with DM+Mistique+AS that was the first combo that made me problems. I tried about 20 Times to kill him, but no chance. Then I switched to AS+FD and he lost 5 Times a row. I just had to counter the magic heroes with AS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharko View Post
    Actually i disagree. FD AS combo is damn good, AS makes people afraid to use a magic team to take out FD and FD makes people afraid to use psycho to take out AS. If put in a good team its a win/win situation. Ive been ranked 4 for a long time in my server defending with: WC, Panda, AS, FD, comm. Counters almost all formations, Panda for physical teams, AS for mage teams, and FD as a main single target dps melting tanks with WC and panda.
    Wow thats interesting team u have bro.. But i can gear them all up at orange too expensinve and so many item that they need is same with others.. I'm now at 87 and choose maybe only 5 and must chose one of them since as orange gear is more useful for wc.. Yeah but thats great team setup.. I will try if i have spare resources

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