As the title say, actually we're 49/50 (we may free some space if we see somebody really interested), we're already rank 6 guild in the server, but we wanna get higher, so we're looking for:

active people 84+ (the most of us is around lvl 85-86), it's not important the level, it's absolutely important that:
a) you bring 600/600 stamina each day to the guild so we have more to reset raid and we climb the guild rank
b) you partecipate everyday on raids and bring your dmg

all you need to know:
- we're an international guild of friends
- we have open raids 11-12-13-14 (we won't open others below that cuz we keep doing them too fast and they drop useless crap we don't need as items, we're rushing items most of us need them.)
- although we have guys at vip 15, all we need is people 600/600 each day, so even vip 3/4 is great for us
- send me a pm in game at "Giordy Alba" if you need more info