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Thread: Overpowered crusade opponents

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    Overpowered crusade opponents

    I'm level 43 fighting a level 53 guy who is in all purple and probably completely decked out on all of his skills. I can blow two groups of teams with their ult completely ready to go and I don't even hurt him. I fight the exact same guy every day, and I didnt used to face him until stage 13 or 14. Now every day he's getting closer and closer to the beginning and it's completely impossible to beat him. Yesterday, I faced him on stage 10, today I faced him on stage 8. I had my top two teams fully energized, and he killed them both under five seconds.

    I'm not saying there is no strategy to team formation, but this is a game where stats are 90% (particularly in the lower levels) the dictator of a win or a loss. You might as well put a freaking two-year-old in the octagon vs silva. Don't try and hide behind, "if you had better strategy" you coulddo it. The point is, we want it to be competitive and yet keep the element of strategy involved. There would be no way for me to beat this guy if I could use both of my teams at the same time against him. And when you consider how important crusade is to this game's play ability (coins/gold), it really ruins the game when they throw one randomly overpowered opponent into the crusade every single day and it's the SAME GUY every time. I do not think I fight the same people every single day besides that one. This is something that definitely needs to be fixed or I fear there will be lots of people who stop playing, I will be one of them.
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    Dear Leader
    We will report your case to our developers to see if there's anything gone wrong. Thanks.

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