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Thread: Orange Skill and Type (Spoiler)

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    Orange Skill and Type (Spoiler)

    This is based on chinesse server but maybe can be different with Ucool:

    The Originals: Admiral, Leaves Shadow, Chaplain, Lightning Master, Emberstar. Hero's skill related to type: Admiral
    Archers: Windmaster, Leaves Shadow, Commando, Vengeance Spirit, Profesional Killer. Hero's skill related to type: Windmaster.
    Nagas: Savage One, Vengeance Spirit, Depth Voice. Hero's skill related to type: Savage One
    Axe Ganks: Brute, Iron Hoof, Tusked Storm. Hero's skill related to type: Brute
    Sword: Swordmaster, Admiral, War Chief, Death Knight, Vanguard Warrior, Death Bringer, Emberblade. Hero's skill related to type: Swordmaster
    Giants: Mountain, Shallow Keeper, Ancient Protector, Death Bringer, Psychopat. Hero's skill related to type: Mountain
    Pilgrim: Mystic, Cloudwalker, Deathgore, Swordmaster (in Ucool they change it to Soulhunter). Hero's skill related to type: Mystic.
    Beastmen: Warior Monk, Deathgore, Vanguard Warior, Bear Warior. Hero's skill related to type: Warior Monk
    Undead: War Chief, Death Knight, Professional Killer, Deathmage, Soulhunter, Necromancer, Frost Mage. Hero's skill realted to type: Soulhunter
    Troll: Wandering Spearman, Tusked Storm, Shadow Shaman, Witch Doctor(unreleased yet). Hero's skill related to type: Wandering Spearman.
    Demon: Death Bringer, Fallen Dominion, Feryman, Succubus. Hero's skill related to type: Death Bringer.
    Flying: Poisoned One, Old Curse, Pilot, Phoenix, Mastermage. Hero's skill related to type: Poisoned One
    Dragon: Dragon Knight (unreleased yet), Poisoned One, Old Curse. Hero's skill related to type: Dragon Knight.
    Machine: Pilot, Sniper, Machinist. Hero's skill related to type: Pilot
    Female Inteligent: Deathmage, Succubus, Emberstar, Windmaster, Chaplain, Mastermage, Frost Mage, Ice Mage. Hero's skill related to type: Deathmage.
    Two Mode: Ancient Protector, Fallen Dominion, Deathgore. Still unknown what this type for.

    List of Orange skills:
    Admiral: The Originals team get 3960HP.
    Windmaster: Increase archers heroes accuracy by 45
    Savage One: Increase naga heroes agility by 180
    Brute: Increase axe gank strengt by 180
    Swordmaster: Increase sword heroes critical by 180
    Mountain: Increase giant heroes magic resistance
    Mystic: Increase pilgrim heroes magic resistance by 72
    Warior Monk: Increase beastmen hero strength by 180
    Soulhunter: summon skulls from the body of death undead heroes.
    Wandering Spearman: Increase troll heroes energy regen by 900 and physical critical by 180.
    Deathbringer: Increase demon heroes armor.
    Poisoned One: Increase flying heroes magic power.
    Dragon Knight(unreleased): Increase dragon heroes HP.
    Pilot: Increase machine heroes attack and casting speed.
    Deathmage: increase female inteligent hero magic resistance

    Pyschopat: cast a ministun without energy
    Depth Voice: summon an illusion when dodge.
    Cleric: increase 270 armor for 20 second to the target he heals.
    Lightning Elemental: when die, decrease opponent team by 540.
    Ice Mage: when die, give lowest HP teammate that absorb 6300 damage.
    Emberstar: her normal attack has damage over time until 2160 damage.
    Imperial Executioner: turn an enemy into black duck that absord 270 energy for IE and reduce target's magic resistance by 45.
    Succubus: reduced all male heroes damage 15,3% to her.
    Sniper: increase his critical by 270
    Shallow Keeper: for each 15% HP decreased, remove all negative debuff and increase his armor for 180.
    Profesional Killer: devour a summon unit and increase his armor and magic resistance by 90.
    Master mage: when die, grants 450 energy to each teammates.
    Bear Warrior: mark an enemy that will get additional 630 damage dealt by BW.
    Silencer: for each dead teammates, get additional 270 inteligence.
    Vanguard Warior: when die, deal damage to all enemies.
    Ninja Assasin: increase NA damage and have chance to throw a knife that can poison or stun.
    Emberblade: cast extra chains that deal DoT.
    Disease Bringer: increase HP of summon and illusion.

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    Death mage: i think her orange skill is increase magic resistance to all team mate. Or was it decrease magic resistance of opposing team

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    Quote Originally Posted by natycale View Post
    Death mage: i think her orange skill is increase magic resistance to all team mate. Or was it decrease magic resistance of opposing team
    It's actually ignore magic resistance
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    Pardon me, WSpearman's orange skill is a bit outdated. He got a new one which increase his damage and attack speed for each 10% of hp loss.

    About DM, her OS is to increase "ignore magic resistance" stat by 90.

    Bear Warrior: note that the fury swipes will only last 7 seconds.

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    I don't see machinist in there... Any idea what his 5th skill is?

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