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    Question Solution time zone

    Server: 34 Vaastro

    Character Name: Paranoidzzz

    Account ID: 4996291

    Device(optional): Iphone 4 IOS

    Estimate Time of Problem: 3 hours

    Problem Detail: Time zone change unexpectedly

    I rebooted my phone and the time zone to bringing default was changed ( Tokyo, Japan since it was a gift from a friend that he did) , then the time zone of my phone changed . When I entered the game I wanted to make sure everything was correct , I went to options and then time zone, then press but not read what he said and changed my time zone. My request or question is , could me back to the old time zone ?, since I was a little difficult collect rewards for differences in hours , also it makes me difficult to play Arena and Grand Arena play one hour before collecting rewards. For your attention, thank you very much. My correct time zone is UTC-06:00.

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    Is there any solution?

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    Thanks for your information.
    Since this new feature has been added to the game that allows players to change their time zones based on their actual need, we've decided that this service won't be provided from then on.

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    Then I would have to wait 30 days to make the corresponding change ??? And thanks for answering...

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