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Thread: Rewards for Guild Members

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    Rewards for Guild Members

    I wish there was some way to give back to guild members as rewards for being active and doing a lot for the guild. As a guild leader, I have some members who really shine (active everyday spending 600 stamina, answering questions in chat, etc.) Not only my officers, but plenty of members are doing a lot for my guild. Unfortunately though, I can't really do much for them in terms of thanking them for their hard work other than to say thank you.

    I suggest that some sort of reward system be added to Guilds. This system would allow Guild Leaders to award members who are going above and beyond for the guild. Rewards wouldn't be physical items (to avoid exploitation), but could be simple things like little symbols next to their name in guild chat (for instance colored stars) or the ability to use special colors in guild chat to change the color of their text.

    To take it even further, it could be based on a point system. Guild leaders could award points to members who are recognized as going above and beyond for the guild. Members could then spend these points in a special guild shop to purchase text colors and chat symbols next to their names. Guild leaders would also be awarded points based on having an active guild which they could use to purchase the same things (win win for both parties). If a member leaves, they will lose all their points and have to start over in a new guild, this way it will also help in preventing members from "guild hopping".

    Anyway, let me know what you guys think.

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    That would be cool.

    little more things about guilds would be nice to add

    1. 7 day average ranking in guild raids and average damage
    2. other ranks besides officer (one that can't kick members)

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    That would be nice, but in the meantime you can always just help by giving ranks for their reward times.
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