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Thread: Adding more quests, like evolution for heroes

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    Adding more quests, like evolution for heroes

    There are heroes in the game like silencer or warrior monk that are hard to obtain due to thier elite stages being in high leveld chapters.
    when we started elite stages we were given an ongoing quest that gave us Shadow leaf soul stones for doing ongoing chapters in elite mode.

    I suggest that each hero will have this quest that can be started from the hero menue and one can be active at a time(of course part for the new heroes that are unavailable for free players at the moment)
    For example: Vengeance spirit evolution quest that you started from the hero gallery after clicking her unsummoned picture and doing "start evolution quest" and the quest will make you do staff like doing chapters in elite like Shadow Leaf or maybe or getting 3 stars at a specific stage in a chapter.

    Another idea that could be nice is a random daily that changes each day like the supplys in shop that offers you soul stones for a specific hero after you do the task.
    For example:Its a new day, you enter the game and today this quest offers 1-3 soul stones of Savage One if you beat 3 caves in booty cave , the next day this quest offers 1-3 soul stones of War Chife if you beat crusade 15/15.

    Most of the most used heroes at the moment like Commando or Old Curse or War chife are used alot because Commando and Old Curse can be obtained and be evolved from crusade/arena shop and War Chife has like 3 stages at a pretty low level compared to Warrior monk (Though I am not saying they are bad heroes, they are great and probably better but you get the idea)

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    this game would be perfect if the quest rewards were fixed.

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    Exactly. The Quest section becomes totally uninteresting (errm.. boring?) after some point...

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    i never bothered with the item quests... seems a waste of time...

    but u gotta admit the outland portal quests are nice...

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