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Thread: Haven't received the gems I payed for

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    Haven't received the gems I payed for

    I paid for the 30 day membership 2x, today, I checked my account online and the $2.99 has been deducted 2x, I haven't received my gems in game. If I can't receive my gems within the next couple of hours, I'd like, a refund instead. I purchased the gems with the intentions to use them now.
    Account number 2975154
    Account name sun god
    lvl 78
    Guild pbb-cavite
    Server 17 executioner

    Proof saved as an attachment, I guess my purchase wasnt processed the first time because the 2.99 is still pending on my bank account and I havent received a google play email confirmation.
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    Dear Leader,
    Would you attach a bigger screenshot which shows your order information more clearly please? We will confirm and deliver your order as soon as possible once we have your order information.

    Best Regards

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