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Thread: keep p+4 or promote to orange ?

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    keep p+4 or promote to orange ?

    Hey guys,

    Maybe a bit early to ask but it seems like it's not worth it to promote to orange at lvl85 since the items are not "that great" except the one at lvl 88.

    Also for some heroes like panda or sapper, if they keep p+4 full enchant, they have a big pool of hp bonus.

    What do you think, wait lvl88 only and then promote ?

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    I wondered the sams today.
    Since orange has 1 less item than p4 and only 1 orange item, while p4 has 2. and the enchants on Orange are insanely strong.

    So I think about leaving sapper and Oc at p4 while i would go orange with WC for example, because he gets a lot more armor on orange.

    But I guess ill have to do the math when it comes to this

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