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Thread: Need help gathering information for a Phoenix preview video !

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    Talking Need help gathering information for a Phoenix preview video !

    Hi guys, I want to do a preview video on phoenix, however I just had him and my level aren't high enough to get him to purple. If anyone has any good information for him, comments below or pm me ! that would be great !.

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    ok thats what i THINK from the stuff i saw...
    he is a STR hero that but most of his equipment is INT based
    i think thats because he needs both high hp and magic dmg to have a good dmg ulti because it sucks his hp...(str is for hp and int gear for dmg)
    he has 1 physical dmg skill (the one that he fly around dmging everybody) and one magic skill (his ulti)
    his little birds skill (purple skill) makes his normal attack do splash dmg (mini aoe) making him usefull against 2 tanks or more
    any healing hero will make his ultimate more efficient
    dont think he will work well in the crusade as his main dmg attack it his ultimate... and he dies after that
    can work in arena with a magic team IF he can get enough energy to fire his ulti before ur team is dead
    his hp when spawning from egg is very low at first but gets better as u lvl up so i think he isnt good at low lvls...

    thats all... now its kinda reading between the lines on this hero.. but i didnt try him out or lvl him up... so im not sure everything is right...
    just my personall thoughts about him

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