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Thread: Plundering More Than Allowed

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    Plundering More Than Allowed

    Due to the recent change of allowing generals to use their spells on defense, there is a bug that allows for plundering of more resources than are supposed to be allowed.

    Suppose a player can get:
    25k Gold
    25k Goods

    Using warriors, a player can achieve more than 25k Gold and 25k Goods if the defender has Maximus as their defender.

    I have noticed that this can be achieved, multiple times over again.

    Attached is a screenshot, showing that it is indeed possible.

    Note: I used thieves and still was able to plunder more than I should have.
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    Zoomed In Screenshot

    A more zoomed in picture so that you don't have to deal with the prior blurry image.
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    Hi Bdawg, thanks for your bug report. I have added this bug to the pending list.

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    I could see this comment on some Github projects: "Working as designed - won't fix!"
    Just kidding, but my defender is Max and this is useful sometimes.

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