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Thread: Building Bug

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    Building Bug

    When I am using the 2x speedup on something with under 5 minutes left it finishes it. Then when I click to upgrade another building it says 'A server error has occurred.'

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    The Building bug has at least 2 different symptoms.

    It can produce a fatal server error at the beginning of the process or at the end.

    I usually see it when I attempt to upgrade a wall section.

    The cause seems to be a simple stack overflow, which indicates a very basic error in code.

    It is the kind of error that student programmers make by not properly designing subroutine calls.

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    Thanks for your bug report. You are suggested to contact helpspot with your login email so that we can investigate your account.

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    The same thing that adrianclark describes just happened to me, repeatedly. With under 5 minutes left in a Town Hall upgrade, I 'completed' the construction, then got server errors trying to start a different upgrade. I tried refreshing before attempting to upgrade, and got taken back to the original time remaining on the Town Hall upgrade. I attempted several variations, each time generating a server error and a return to the original countdown after refreshing. Eventually, of course, the TH upgrade completed in real time, so the problem can't be duplicated any time soon.

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