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Thread: honor match taking honor when you win

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    honor match taking honor when you win

    ok ben to 700 honor 5 times now every time I get above 700 honor and do a match and win 100% or win period. it takes honor from me then it will keep taking honor till im around 650s...I left my honor at 710 get on my account see for yourself fix it plz give me the 250honor its took from me....was 720 won my match 100% took 10 honor fom me for wining now 710..around.23:20:20 server time 1/2/2014 was the last time it took it from me.....00:16:00 server time 1/2/2014 dun it again every time I unlock the 5% building im dun with honor matches till you all fix this is bs 6 times now
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    Hello, can you offer a screen shot of your Match report? Thanks.

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    don't know how to but thear the server times and dates on 2 of them any way 4 you to look?

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    nm thanks for the no help I found away around it...just don't accept the 5% till you get to 800

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