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Thread: Well the Crusade is tough again

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    Quote Originally Posted by DC72 View Post that I clicked through 20 CAPTCHAs to find one I can read, I can finally post this.

    Up until today, I found the Crusade easy enough; almost "auto attack" easy. I don't remember the last time I didn't get to 15. Today, was finally a change. At level 69, from 12 on, was level 80 and above. One team had a couple 85's. I still made it through, but 16 levels above my team level seems a bit much, but like I said, I still got all the chests. I know they say that ADMIN will tell the players before any changes, but in over a month, I have not seen this big of a team difference until today. Something had to change, software programming isn't "lucky" or even "random." It does exactly what the programmer tells it to do. I have not seen any 80's in over a month, and today, I do...something definitely changed. It was fun though. Been a while since I had to actually "play" the crusade.

    Happy New Year all
    85s? I doubt anyone is 85 yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyvuknome View Post
    85s? I doubt anyone is 85 yet.'re right...they were only 75s on up to 78s. Not sure how I got 85 out of that. I guess working over the holidays does that to you!?!?!


    Updated my original post to reflect that as well. Duh!!

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