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Thread: No Double Gold Coin from Crusade

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    No Double Gold Coin from Crusade

    I just woke up so the first thing i did was Crusade (it has been like this since forever). The night before, I checked everything up to see if i had not done something before i went to sleep (again, it has always like this as it is one of my routines). Once i was done with everything, i just turned off my iPad (not shutdown) and went to sleep. Then the next morning, i would turn it on and normally, if there was an update, the game would force me to reset the game. However, this morning, it did not notify me anything (including the new double gold coin event). It also did not force me to reset the game to apply new patch with the new event. As a result, i started my morning routine doing Crusade. After the first round, the first chest showed me its reward of "18k + 18k" gold coin. Until this moment, i realized there was a double gold coin event going on (the game still had not forced me to reset). And this is where i was wrong. I assumed and trusted uCool that the game was working as intended and that i actually got the double amount of gold coin from Crusade chests. I was never so wrong. I was at stage 11 when i finally realized i had gotten only half of what i was supposed to get. (90k instead of 180k, it was the huge difference in gold that made me realize so). So i manually reset the game by closing it. There was indeed a new patch with the double gold coin event. Just now, I did my stage 12 crusade to make sure and i got 184k as i supposed to (92k + 92k).

    The question is: will i get my other half of what i got from stage 1 to stage 11 reward?Click image for larger version. 

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    Dear Leader
    Please end the game process and restart the game and you will see your coins increased which is the doubled amount from Crusade. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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