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Thread: double gold coins rewards and uncredited soul stones

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    double gold coins rewards and uncredited soul stones

    After leveling up to 81, the soul stones I bought, 5 each, for old course, death mage, arcane sapper, lunar guardian, commando, riffleman and mystic were not credited to my account. Also, today's event, double gold coins in the crusade only shows the additional coins upon opening the chest but none was credited to my coins. I did the computation and its all the same for 2 of my accounts. Plus, i also finished the chapter 10 raid, a whisper missed with the last hit and received no rewards, no guild coins. Hope this can be fixed soon and have the necessary credits sent to my accounts. Im level 81, VIP 8 at server 20:Mystic and level 68 at server 17. -kirelengko

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    GM.. its the same thing for me... the double crusade gold coin reward is just visual.. no actual doubled gold rewards getting in

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    I shut down the game and relogged and everything was there was try this

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