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Thread: Quick question on Savage One Corrosion.

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    Quick question on Savage One Corrosion.

    Savage One Debuff skill...most ppl use him for his debuff for Bosses in Raid...

    1>How often does he cast that skill?...Since there is only One Target...does that mean..he will always cast it even before its previous duration ends? basically almost like the whole 90 Second of the duration the boss is Debuff??.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomies View Post
    He begins the fight with casting the debuff but it will run out before next one.
    so..after end..3 sec?5 sec?10 sec?20 sec then recast?

    I am comparing his debuff with physic sword debuff which I have

    physic sword also cast at start of fight and last around 6 second only.....and Basically if uninterrupted He cast Every 12 Second after the First Cast

    without Commando haste

    I tested this a bunch of times.same result so its legit.

    90 second period

    1:26 First Cast
    1:19 buff end- last around 6 seconds
    1:14 Second cast
    1:07 Buff end

    so for the 90 second period...almost half 45-50(counting the animation) the boss is not affected by debuff

    basically The target is not debuff for a period of 5second after the Debuff end..and before the new debuff kick in

    So..does Savage One debuff have the Same timing as Physic Sword?..

    cause if the answer is yes...I don't really wanna Pump up my Savage one since I can rely on my Physic for debuff...might have lower dmg output from Physic sword but dmg aura might make up for that I think.

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    I have psychic sword as well ... hard to farm and short bfor 3* ... dmg is soooo less its a miracle that it is counted already.

    But i prefer psychic as well, her stun casts more often, than savage can ulti.
    I tried with as/tusked/psychic/rifle/leafes the raid 10 boss ... tusked just started to lvl and not fully equipp just 3*&psychic purple+2 only 2*.
    Dmg almost 1.1million dmg. ... with my savage i make more dmg, but he also is fully equipped/enchanted and in that listet set up only my as is 5*and fully enchanted.

    I guess the dmg aura+debuff+stun is more effective than a savage.

    Also on stronger bosses i plan to swap her for commando.
    I count on cc at the latest bosses with imperial/commando/leafes/savage ... works pretty well when they dont resist, my team survives quite long

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