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Thread: Suggestion: Enable Hero Dialogues Before All Battles

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    Lightbulb Suggestion: Enable Hero Dialogues Before All Battles

    In my opinion, the hero dialogues before each first campaign battle adds a lot for the whole experience, very epic if you ask me. I just wish there were more, a button I could click to enable them for every battle, not just the first, and maybe not just before campaign battles. I enjoy reading Heroes Charge’s lore and it is very entertaining to learn more about the hero’s interaction. What is your opinion? Thanks in advance.

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    I too had a suggestion for campaign on a similar Trail.

    You see I first downloaded this game or a friend you got addicted because of the dialogue in the campaign when we realize the different heroes would trigger different dialogue I got hooked

    I started enjoying all the site tasks and kind of took over the account so he still plays the only problem is now not all of the dialogue triggers because I've already played those levels

    I would love to see if we could find a way to reset the campaign itself they keep all the heroes I love. And have worked so hard on but just like start back at level 1 chapter like I was a been or something and get to play through and watch all the new heroes interact with the old ones. So now that its been awhile we can once again enjoy the story without any real loss.

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    Would love to see that happen ^^ hopefully ucool will make it real

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    If you all enjoy the dialogue, that is great.
    However, if it was implemented, I do think it would definitely have to be an optional setting that you could turn on and off.
    Some people would rather not have their attacks take longer than necessary.
    Just my two cents.

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