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Thread: Worthless generals

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    Angry Worthless generals

    How about some generals that actualy work?

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    NO! lol and if you do get them upgraded the powers that be change the rules so they are a waste of time and goods

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    There are 3 generals that work. That message is from the closed beta. You just have to reenter the powers from this last upgrade. They lost nothing. Look in your items.

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    ohhhh 3 generals woohoo!!!! that work? yeah right sparty has been rendered useless!

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    Quote Originally Posted by <CSN>DirtyHippy77 View Post
    ... sparty has been rendered useless!
    Useless? Hardly. Unless, of course, you think he's worthless if he can't do a 100% smash and grab without putting a single boot on the ground.

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