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Thread: Guild Leader? what does it mean?

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    Guild Leader? what does it mean?

    Unsuccessfully I was trying to find any information about what the guild leader's ability!
    Recently I became one after the previous one got inactive, since that time I'm trying to find what does it mean!
    "With great power comes great responsibility"
    1.Managing members ... promoting or kicking members out! OK
    2. Applications !? What?
    3. Reset ride! When and why?
    4. Points! 200K points what to do with them?
    5. Manisfesto? No idea

    any suggestions or explanations!

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    In this game: "With great power comes less responsibility"

    2) Application: when you set your guild as 'Approval needed' in Settings, people tap Join your Guild will be listed in Applications, and you need to approve.

    3+4) When your guild complete a Raid Chapter, it will unlock next Chapter and 'the finished Chapter' need to be reset to play again.
    You will need:
    - 40k Guild Activity Points to reset Chapter 7 or 8.
    - 50k Guild Activity Points to reset Chapter 9 or 10.
    - 60k Guild Activity Points to reset Chapter 11 or 12 (I can't confirm this but it should be).

    - 200k guild activity points is your current 'Guild Activity Points', when you reset a Raid Chapter, you will lose 'Guild Activity Points'. Each of guild member will fill it again by using stamina, max 600 point/day for each member.

    5) It's your Slogan, try to write something cool.

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    Thanks bin!
    explains a lot

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    nice explanations

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