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Thread: Should I take out a personal loan ?

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    Should I take out a personal loan ?

    Hello Iím 19 working full time making 60k a year currently. I have a couple of credit cards, a few with balance that can be paid off anytime and I have a small car loan. My rent is not currently reported. I was talking to my co workers and they say I should take out a small personal loan to mix up my credit profile and even if I donít use the money, just make the payments towards the loan to build credit. Is this a smart idea ?

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    Hi, a lot of people often say that credit is evil and should not resort to it at all, I do not agree with this. It's just like any other monetary transaction, you need to approach it wisely. Of course, if you go to the first office you see and without looking you sign all the papers with a high probability you will be cheated. So I would advise you to read carefully the reviews of the company where you want to take the loan. I would advise you to ask yourself the question is credit9 a scam This is one of the well-known companies that are involved in fraud. In general, you can familiarize yourself with it.

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