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Thread: Throne was taken with just 1 hit..

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    Exclamation Throne was taken with just 1 hit..

    These guys have taken down throne with just 1 hit, with just 1 hall of war with 2nd level.. i think hall of war with 2nd level don't have that much capacity to hold that much troops...

    this shows clearly that this is glitch they were using.. and this should be stopped. anyhow,

    Ray, Ron and Ember. help us in this matter i have posted the throne attack jpg.. and city that has attacked throne. with just 1 hall of war that is of 2nd level.

    thanks and god bless you take care. and please reply us in this matter soon as possible.

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    throne was taken down and now holding over 174 million troops
    so it cant be recaptured , plz fix this

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    who was the player that capped Thone, thumbs are to small to read anything. Same thing happend in realm 6 also

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    That is a glitch, that is used all over the place by now. It is easy: If you have a full Hall of war and you are in an alliance who has a throne, just send rein and train new troops while the old ones are marching. When they come back the new ones are simply added to the old ones regardless of the capacity of the Hall of war. There is no need to upgrade a Hall of war anymore. The further away you are from throne for that the better it is.

    If you feel you have enough troops, just switch realm and hit. There you are.

    It is no strategic skill required. Just boring doing the same again and again (I do not like it).

    This glitch should indeed be fixed.

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