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    Angry Vip 11

    hello there

    I have bought today 15 000 gems that cost's 100 euro , and I didn't get VIP 11 as you say in the game just VIP 7 , I think that's not allright because you don't agree to the policy that u write there ,

    I Quote ! Buy up to 15000 Gems for the benefit's below ! I don't think I need to send you a screen shot !

    The cont id is : 4974315 on server 34. Vaastro and the name of account is Hembi , I really wan't this to be fix'ed ass soon as possible !10846750_320358828152231_338181232_n.jpg10867102_320358858152228_1252544061_n.jpg
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    Dear Leader,
    We are sorry to tell you that actually only the basic gems are qualified for the first purchase reward, so the other bonus gems are not counted, this is also addressed on the in-game purchase panel when you open it, take the Iron pack of gems for example:
    Basic(Only basic gems count as VIP points): 300 Gems
    Bonus: 1000 Gems
    VIP Bonus: 30 Gems
    First Purchase Bonus: 300 Gems
    Total: 1630 Gems
    Thank you for your understanding!
    Best Regards

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