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Thread: Monthly card over charged

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    Monthly card over charged


    I've purchased a monthly card for $2.99 however I was charged $9.99 on my credit card statement. I've written email however haven't received any response. Pls provide additional gem to my account. I can email to provide screen of my credit card statement and screen of my in game active monthly card.
    Pls respond promptly.

    Thank you,

    Local Time: 2014-12-13 22:22:32
    Time Stamp: 1418527352
    Game: Heroes Charge
    PlayerID: 6252894
    ServerID: 43
    PlayerName: Ninja Tech
    Category: Billing Issue
    Language: en
    Device Type: iPad3,4
    OS Version: 8.1.1
    PaymentState: Method:appleIAP_WebIPN TorderId1D1CDA638C46E57 ErrorCode: state:0
    PaymentLog: led
    2014-12-7 23:26:27 - D1D1CDA638C46E57 request ok
    2014-12-7 23:26:28 - D1D1CDA638C46E57 pay purchasing
    2014-12-7 23:26:31 - D1D1CDA638C46E57 pay cancelled
    2014-12-7 23:27:38 - D1D1CDA638C46E57 pay purchased
    2014-12-7 23:27:41 - D1D1CDA638C46E57 pin ok

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    Dear Leader,
    Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

    There was indeed a monthly card made on your account and the money we charged is $2.99, so if you have been charged at $9.99, we would like to see what's the problem is on the receipt and we also recommend you contact your card company for more information.

    We appreciate your cooperation and patience in this matter.

    Thank you for playing Heroes Charge.
    Best Regards

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