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Thread: throne bug

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    throne bug

    taking down throne with 1 hit
    i hope you guys look into this cause it is ruining the game , thanks.

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    Many Relam are facing this problem.

    Well i would like to draw attention of admins, in throne glitch or bug, Well many relam are loosing their throne to a single player with just 1 hit,

    that has happen in relam 7, relam 4, i was online to see it by myself the player with 9th level with 2nd level of hall of war(just 1), has won all by himself, just one hit, and its all gone, there 2 major cheats was used with it(general cleo, and throne glitch or bug), i have already posted pics in general discusssions, but this glitch or bug should be stopped or fixed any how

    i am personally requesting Ember, Ron, Ray, please go deep into this, coz that guys was handling more then millions of troops in his 1 hall of war that is of 2nd level that is way beyond its capacity of holding troops,

    i now this game has few glitches that player exploits and used it, but this throne glitch or bug is really really something that admins need to look into deep and fixed it for sure, and band the accounts who is using this kind of glitch, i have looked the ratio of troops being killed of throne and the person who has attacked, well its less then 200 troops killed, of that person who attacked, and throne was fully destroyed by that..

    can't believe but its true.

    so its my humble request to admins go deep into throne glitch or bug and fix it and return the throne to respected kings and their alliance who was holding before.

    Thanks and god bless you all take care. guys.


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    this happened yesterday to us in Realm 10.

    Player has two level 1 HoW that was able to hold 742854 troops, at least that was what he sent. Another 1 hit wonder. Game Over. This has ruined the game.

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    now throne titles are not working at all, and titles are getting auto reset in just few hours, i am king of relam 4 and assigning titles like 15% research speed and 10% construction speed, this titles are not working also. so admins should check out about this and please fix this soon as possible.

    Ron, Ray, Amber,

    Please do something about this matter. thanks and god bless you all take care.

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