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Thread: Taking Throne with glitch

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    Taking Throne with glitch

    ONE player using a glitch to overtake Throne with over 16 million troops? YOU fkn serious? I am a coiner. After seeing that happen? (I am not in the alliance that lost Throne) I decided then and there that I will no longer coin/gem in this game. COE devs need to get their gameplay together. You honestly do not realize the impact that will have on players spending in the game. PixieDust needs to get a life and not ruin the game play of those that play the game for relaxation and enjoyment. I know that I am not the only coiner that has decided NOT to spend anymore on this messed up game. Those of you that post in support of cheats in this game? Don't bother...your posts will only show that you probably use cheats as well. COE? It has got to the point of being not worth the time..and definately NOT worth the cash being spent.

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    pixiedust lol

    look at realm 13 pixie clan just lost throne that they used a cheat to get. since uncool isnt doing anything to stop the cheats use them to beat the cheaters. really sad uncool doesnt support the cash cows they make. oh by the way pixiedust is an idiot that mouthed off in realm 7 and needs run out of this game as a cheatin scumbag

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