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    Device changed

    Hey firstly thanks for this great Game. But i have a big Problem. I was changed My old Phone 1 months ago maybe two. At that Time didnt have link Device section.And i Lost My Character, because was sold My iphone. So i cant generate link for New Device and i cant Connected My old Character. i Lost all My hero, monthly card and vip Status. How can we Fix this Problem? I paid some money for Game but now i Got nothing.
    Please generate New link Device Code for me or Update old Character to New id. Thanks Best regards

    Old Character :
    Server: psychopath, 7
    Nickname: Archiel
    Acc id: 1647766

    New Character:
    Server: psychopath, 7
    Nickname: mrcyber
    Acc id: 4338733

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    Dear Leader
    We are sorry that we are not able to re-link cross-platform accounts in our support system at the moment. The function is not ready yet.

    Best Regards

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