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Thread: can anyone help me with admins names of this game..

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    Exclamation can anyone help me with admins names of this game..

    Hello Everyone,

    well i would like to know the names admins (commanders of evony), so i can contact them, well i have placed query from last few months and yet i didn't receive any help on that matter.

    please let me know if any have admins names and mails.

    Thanks and god bless you all take care.

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    It seems there are no active admins for CoE. It appears that only uCool's bookkeepers know that this game still exists ... and they're only aware of it because there are still people crazy enough to spend real money on the game.

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    I know the Administrators Ember and Allen...

    I think there are other Admins, too, but i dont know their Name...

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