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Thread: Preview on Heroes Charge Version 1.6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stivefu View Post
    It's templar assassin

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    New heroes

    Any one got any idea when the new heroes will be available in magic stone?


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    How about giving tanker (forward) heroes a little bit more energy when being hit.. thanks

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    Hero Name: Apollo
    Hero Title: Light Bringer

    Why do you think this hero needs improvement?
    I want it to be like Allstar Hero Bomberman, he is good again NA!!!

    How do you want to improve this hero?
    1st skill:-

    Goblin moment (enabled by default - Summon a small partner)
    Call and continue to guide the flight little friends walk in the battle against the enemy laser combat skills will be released again to control the flight of the small partners give the enemy a fatal blow.
    Lv. 90 to enhance the 1080 points of damage.
    2nd skill:-
    Buried Mines (Green On - Caution foot)
    Call Bomberman junior partner running in the battlefield, and placed mines along the way. Mines will automatically explode nearby enemies and dealing magic damage or after a certain time.
    Lv. 90 to enhance the 1350 points of damage.
    3rd skill:-
    Throwing Trap (blue open - Stability Control)
    Throw a magic box, the box opens automatically when landing and buried in the ground cloth magic damage caused by landmines or dizziness trap. Triggering the trap range greater than mine.
    Lv. 70 (reached the limit) to enhance the 1620 points of damage to the 90 level and below inevitable enemy hit.
    4th skill:-
    Blew (open purple - Who shall stir I)
    Sacrifice I made my whole big bomb people struggling into the enemy, vowing to die with his. Enemies within a certain range causing great magic damage. This skill is automatically triggered when the bomb blood less than 20%.
    Lv. 50 (reached the limit) to enhance the 3600 points of damage.
    Legendary skill:-
    Crit strengthen
    Borrowing power of the sun, increases spell crit.
    Lv. 30 (Limit reached) Passive: Increases 270 mana crit.

    PS I am not here for the prize.

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